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Solein T y KC

It is a product made of polyester fibers which allows you to perspiration, absorption and desorption of water, its main features are: lead-free and anti-fungal. It is a very nice product with any type of process and adhesives, for their different calibers adapts to any type of footwear: child, lady, gentleman sport and industrial.

calibers: 1 fierro, 2 fierros, 2.5 fierros, 3 fierros y 4 fierros.


Solein 535

It is a product made of cellulose paper which gives main characteristic freshness, a product suitable for shaped plants

Main uses: child shoes, men and woman.

CalibeRs: 2 fierros, 2.5 fierros, 3 fierros.





Strobel solein

Products made of polyester that comply with the ideal characteristics for processing.

010 Gris Strobel 
080 Blanco Strobel 
500 Strobel 
Made of polyester fibers.
Different finishes and thicknesses: 0.8 y 1.6 mm.